Pacific Geodata, LLC is a full-service GIS consulting firm with experience in providing mapping and data services to numerous disciplines, including environmental, parks and open space, engineering, planning, design, and agriculture. PGD is a leader in employing a  combination of main-stream, off-the-shelf GIS software (i.e., ESRI) and open source GIS software.


Some of our core competencies include:


GIS management and staffing.

Manage GIS projects, perform maintenance or major updates to mission-critical data layers, personnel, or workflow. PGD is designed to work as a “plug-in” GIS department for public agencies and other organizations.



Geodatabase development.

PGD specializes in database design that incorporates data models and rules that make data entry more efficient and add extra quality assurance.



Spatial Analysis.

We use geostatistical tools to answer questions, identify trends, and detect patterns.



Data acquisition, conversion, and management.

We have access to thousands of data sources, and are experts in converting data between numerous sources (i.e. CAD, GIS, tabular data).



Cartography and map production.

We employ graphic design techniques to produce high quality maps and information graphics that communicate data and information in a tangible way.